Bummed About My Placing?

Patience is the virtue of those who are strong!

Just last week I was training with my son and my coach and husband Shawn as usual when my son out of the blue asked, “Mom, can I ask you a question? I have been wanting to ask you, how do you feel about placing 11th in your last competition?” It was one of my first workouts after returning to our studio from competing in the 2013 IFBB Mile High in Denver, Colorado. My son Sean was there watching the whole event and, at the end, he made a point of telling me his critical view about the event. He didn’t agree with my placing after all. I love how he demonstrates his interest in what we do, training together and traveling everywhere in the country to competitions. I love his criticism. He tells me I should have placed higher, 7th or 8th at least! I answered him without hesitation. To me, at this point in my career, there is no difference between placing 7th or 11th! “Not much difference, baby!”, I told my son.

Let me explain as I explained to my son. My goal is to make an impression by bringing an indisputably aesthetic physique to the stage that the judges will recognize and reward with an Olympia qualification. Neither 7th nor 11th are placings that will allow me to qualify for the Olympia. But is this, after all, such a negative thing? Until the day I qualify, with the support of my coach an my son, along with the system we, as a family, have built, I will continue to improve, build and mold my physique one rep at the time, contest after contest.

My better body and stronger mind will ultimately be my trophy and, when the day I will be seen on stage worthy of that higher qualifying place will come, it will be so much more meaningful to me than if it arrived any time sooner! It is the difficulty in the task that makes the accomplishment so sweet! Yes, sweet! The lack of simple sugars in my diet has inspired my choice of adjective! LOL. So not a bad thing after all to not yet place as high! ;-)

I experienced first hand how incredibly sweet the moment can be when I accomplished my goal of obtaining IFBB professional status. What a night that was! I will never forget! All at once that night, that moment on stage when they announced my placing, memories came flooding back of all it took to get there! Just like during my journey for my pro card, I will be working my hardest to qualify for the Olympia. That is the way it should be! A few hours ago I landed in New Orleans and, with three more days left until I compete in the 2013 IFBB Greater Gulf, I feel yet again improved from my last appearance three weeks ago at the Mile High and that is what it is all about!

This, in the Big Easy, will be my third time competing this year so far. Each time I competed this year I came in a little better, a little stronger mentally and physically and reminded each time more of how much patience place a role in our sport. I have been sharing thoughts with my coach lately and we both see it so clearly! From his words, “You can’t rush an aesthetic physique!” Many times since December I had to be reminded to be patient. As simplistic as it may sound as an answer, sometimes when we struggle and wonder why we don’t see it, the answer is, give it time!! Yes, keep doing what gives you results and keep doing it over and over again. You will get there! Be patient and believe it will continue to work until your eyes will see it! Then, when you are there and able to see it, what a sweet moment that is!

“You can’t rush an aesthetic physique” 

So, It may take months or years but it is the way to the aesthetic physique that I want and that I will be proud of. So going back to my son’s questions, I don’t compete for the placings! I compete for my personal growth and the joy of motivating others in their pursuit of their own aesthetic physique, representing the many women who have what it takes and just need a little encouragement! :-)