Grin & Bear It!

Prepping for the 2013 IFBB Europa Show of Champions.

Time for a little update you guys!  

Got some good news yesterday from my friend, long-time client and one of my biggest supporters, John Riblett!  He will be the proud sponsor of my 2013 competition season by taking care of my airfare expenses as well as those of my coach/hubby Shawn!  John has a good heart!  My journey this year will be dedicated to him, giving back to him through pushing him even further than he pushes himself, to achieve the best for himself in his fitness journey.  I love training him, especially on leg days!  He is an animal!  Hahaha!  Go John!  Vegas Baby!  Yes because, let’s not forget, my goal this year is to work toward that qualification for the Olympia which is held in Las Vegas for those who may not know.  

On a not so positive note, I hurt my calf today while doing sprints.  It happened when I was five sprints into it.  Couldn’t keep sprinting, but I wasn’t going to give up!  I had to grin and bear it! Sealed

I tried a whole bunch different ways of walking, but none made the pain go away until I turned around and bang!  I could keep going!   I finished walking my remaining 35 minutes of cardio backwards at 15% incline with a speed of 2.5 mph.  That was fun!  Not really!  My quads were buuuurning baby!   

Grin and bear it!

Icing and not standing as much as I can between workouts and clients for today!  

Headed for my shoulders and triceps workout in a few.  I better make up for the lack of sprints this morning with some extra intensity during my workout today!    Will make it happen! Smile

Love your Life!  ~Cinzia