There’s Always a Good Alternative

Not much fun when I am sick and for sure it is hard to stay on track with my good eating habits and meal plan. At times I’m not hungry and I feel nauseous, at times I feel not in control, other times I feel hungry for carbs and carbs only and I am attracted to comfort food.

This weekend I have a horrible toothache to blame. It has been so hard to eat as I can hardly open my mouth as swollen as it is and I can’t bite as my gums are incredibly swollen.

A portrait of me by my son.  Not sure I want to share a photo of me like this!  LOL

In the state I am in, I could easily convince myself that I deserve pretty much everything, like ice cream!  I will certainly convince myself that resting is a really good idea, the appropriate thing to do, as I am taking antibiotics and injuries are common when ligaments are weakened by antibiotics.

As far as exercising control over my nutrition, you can rest assured I will stay on track with my water and protein intake as that must be a constant. Mind over matter, do what’s good versus what feels good, where there is the will there is a way.

In fact, I can hardly bite on anything but, as I started thinking of ways to meet my protein intake, I found quite a few solutions I want to share with you. First, it is my yummy chicken or turkey soup. This time I blended the whole thing after I made it and added a little pumpkin purée; it is delicious!
  Fat free zero carb chicken broth, pumpkin purée, turkey from Thanksgiving dinner, salt, blend and enjoy!
  Second was Greek yogurt.  Sure, I usually have Greek yogurt for my post workout, but in this case having Greek yogurt for a meal versus not having protein at all was a great alternative!
  Third, soft scrambled eggs with a little cheddar cheese, to die for!

So, here you have it, some options for you to chose from next time you don’t feel well. Rest, be patient, make the best out of your situation, it isn’t about all or nothing!  There is always a good alternative!